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North American Mix



North American Mix

Wildflowers in the North American Mix have been chosen for their widespread adaptability and willingness to bloom in a variety of conditions and climates. If you're new to wildflower gardening or are not sure about what you want, this sure-fire mix is for you. This mix will bloom from coast-to-coast, and border-to-border - even into Canada! Four-ounce package covers a maximum 450 square feet.

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North American Mix contains: Bachelor's button, California poppy, Arroyo lupine, Texas bluebonnet, Tick seed, Indian blanket, Dame's rocket, Prairie flax, Calliopsis, Corn poppy, Prairie coneflower, Black-eyed Susan, Sweet William catchfly, Bishop's weed, Common yarrow.

Note: Large scale planting rate - 17 pounds per acre (Approximately 447,390 seeds per pound)

4 ounce package: $14.00
8 ounce package: $34.00
1 pound package: $59.00

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